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I was so excited when Miss A's Shop AoA had their highlighter sale. The highlighters are pretty cute in their dainty little package. I've seen a lot of rainbow highlighters and own my fair share of brick highlighters as well. I appreciate brick highlighters because they offer a good range of colors that you can combine for that perfect glowy blush.

The highlighters are fairly pigmented and do give off a glow. The peach/orange was a little difficult to swatch but it's still fairly pigmented for the 2.50 price. The color is fairly strong with these and almost reminds me of an eyeshadow which these can definitely double as. The consistency is like any other powdery highlighter they're a little chalky too but not so much that it bothered me.

These shades were all fairly soft on my dark skin so maybe that's why the pigmentation isn't as vivid. I struggled to get a lot of pigmentation out of this palette in particular. These shades might be a little stronger on …

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