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One Dollar Matte Liquid Lipsticks?

Yall know I'm a sucker for some dollar store gems, right? I love the idea of finding a bomb product for extremely cheap that everybody else is sleeping on. So when I picked up these revamped matte liquid lipstick formulas from LA Colors, I thought I found a hidden treasure.

        LA Colors new matte liquid lipstick with revamped packaging and a new formula is indeed a hidden treasure. The original packaging of their liquid lipsticks used to be a short, wide bottle but now they have the standard tube with doe foot applicator. The formula has improved as well.

  The previous formula would leave a tacky texture on the lips whereas this formula dries completely matte and smooth. What I also like about this formula is the staying power, this bad boy has some HOLD. Opaque, pigmented and a smooth easily applicable texture describes this formula perfectly,  and it's extremely cheap.

    One downside to this liquid lipstick is how drying it is on the lips which can be easily recti…

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