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Glam Goth

Conventional beauty can get a little boring to be honest and conventional branding can be a snore fest. We spend a lifetime tiptoeing around the perimeter of the box of things we've been taught are supposed to be beautiful and beauty brands have wasted no time catering to those things as well. The tireless cycle of beauty conformity is slowly deteriorating and some brands are actually beginning to notice the wreckage.What will be revealed when what we know about beauty becomes what we knew?
  In the light of new beauty techniques and experimentation, daring to be different is exciting but can be a little scary. Ultimately, life is too short to live in the fear of appearing intimidating. We can never truly control how someone reveres us, so we might as well look how we want! We have a brand that embodies a bold, genuine and fearless aesthetic that is a living creation of this new age of beauty.
  Glam Goth is an online business that has made waves in the beauty community for th…

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