A Blogger Interview Series Dedicated to Style and Self-Esteem


       Starting July 1st I am beginning my campaign for confidence, with my most recent creation Style and Self Esteem: The Courageous Collaboration, that will be featured on The Eye. A lot of bloggers specifically fashion and personal style bloggers face the same kind of confidence issues anyone else does, but this gets overlooked because of their willingness to share and express their style and tastes through the internet. I decided it would be great to have fashion and personal style bloggers share their tips on confidence, their experience with promoting their brands, and their stories of how they overcame their fear of sharing their gifts through the internet. I hope the message will spark up healthy conversations on what it takes to make it in any industry when you’re putting yourself out there, and how to successfully campaign for yourself.

         The idea of the campaign was sparked from the discussion that there’s a lack of diverse bloggers receiving coverage, that I talked about here Diversity in The Blogging Industry. The argument was raised that only certain kinds of fashion bloggers get mainstream coverage, and actually bridge that gap into professionalism because these bloggers are “examples of aspiration”. Why does “aspiration” only come in a cookie cutter shape? This campaign is to debunk the myth that only “certain kinds of people” can be fashion bloggers.