Amanda C. Watson is the personal style blogger of Done n Done from Sweden! I consider Watson to be one of the personal style bloggers that has always managed to inspire me. Watson’s blog has grown in the last 3 years, and her style oozes sophisticated femininity so I’m excited to share both her style tips and blogging perspective.


The Eye: Have you ever hesitated to tell someone about your blog?

Amanda: Yes specifically at the beginning, I was very insecure and I pretty much kept my blog a secret. Now I realize that was a huge mistake. I don’t have anything  to be ashamed of.


The Eye: What inspired you to begin fashion blogging?

Amanda: I always loved fashion, but I got more into it once I discover my inner style.


The Eye: What’s a blogger tip you’d give someone beginning to create a blog?

Amanda: Be yourself and try to be consistent with your posts.


The Eye: Do you have a style icon, if no, why?

Amanda: I love Solange and Tamu Mcpherson.


The Eye: What do you do, when you face a blogging rut?

Amanda: Well I don’t know, to tell you the truth I’m always trying to make time to blog in my hectic life. I rarely take a vacation from blogging willingly… If I lack inspiration I usually go on Tumblr or other fashion platforms like, Chictopia, Chicissimo and I try to get inspired.Sometimes I do get disappointed when I take my  pictures and they don’t turn out to be good… But that’s really my biggest issue.


The Eye: Want to give a blogger shout-out?  

Amanda: I would like to give a shoutuot to Outi from and Olivia from

The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Amanda: You can find me on:





    Thank you Amanda for sharing your blog tips and style! Be sure to check out Amanda’s blog Done n Done!

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