I believe in believing in yourself. I believe in believing in your art,being passionate about your craft, and going full force for your dreams, but I also believe in side hustles. Your art may not pay the bills right now, but you keep trying soon enough it will, BUT in the meantime you have to pay your bills,so a side hustle is necessary.

    Some kind of legal job to help fund your creations is beneficial. I know it can be frustrating “I’ve already found what I love, and if I do what I love it’s supposed to pave a way right?!”, yes but sometimes it’s not instant.Having a side job is NOT:

  • giving up

  • wasting time

  • worthless

       Having a side job proves the lengths you’re willing to go to keep doing what you want! When you’re at a restaurant, don’t you know that waiter or waitress has dreams, the dude who took you ticket at the theater has aspirations, the lawyer still has dreams and they may all very well be actively pursuing them. Don’t get caught up in titles in the pursuit of your art, you’re a multi-dimensional person with a million sides and aspects to yourself, exercise them! You can still be an artist and have another job on the side.Almost every blogger has another job or activity besides blogging before they can step into the professional zone. Getting that other job is not destroying the dream, the moment you let yourself think it’s destroying the dream is the moment it does.

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