Damilola Akinniake


   Damilola Akinniake, is a fashion marketing graduate and personal style blogger of Lola Styles.I decided to get her point of view seeing as how she’s formally acquainted with fashion and how her blog had affected  any of her professional credentials. Akkiniake is currently a visual merchandiser and does personal shopping appointments.


The Eye: What effect has blogging had on you as far networking?

Damilola: It is amazing how much of an effect blogging has, from meeting so many other amazing bloggers to building relationships with retailers and also getting invites to press events etc.


The Eye: Do you think it’s essential to build a brand when you become a blogger, or go with the flow?

Damilola: I suppose it will depend on how far you want to go with blogging. Whether you see it more as a profession or as a hobby. As for me, it’s something I do during my spare time. I go with the flow.


The Eye: Have any people recognized you from your blog, and are you prepared for when the day comes?

Damilola: Yes, I have had a few lovely ladies recognize me. It’s the best feeling *giggles*.


The Eye: Do you have a style philosophy, when approaching a look?

Damilola: I have no philosophy when it comes to style as long as you’re confident and comfortable in the clothing that you’re in? That’s all that matters.


 The Eye: If you could only shop from one store for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Damilola: Omg, this has to be the hardest question of ALL TIME. However, at the moment, a lot of high street retailers are disappointing so the only place I find myself going into one too many times is Zara. *drools*


The Eye: Want to give a blogger shoutout, for a few bloggers the readers to check out?

Damilola: Shout out to http://styleismything.blogspot.com and http://jstanleysworld.blogspot.com

Where can we see more of you? Blog: http://.trashygobs.blogspot.com

IG: http://instagram.com/leblackunicorn

    Thank you so much Damilola for sharing your style and blogger opinions! Damilola gives some really good advice as far as “brands”, you don’t have to build a brand for your blog it’s all dependent if you’re professional or blog as a hobby! Be sure to show support and check out Damilola’s blog http://trashygobs.blogspot.com!