Hello guys, today I am introducing Jacque of, she also runs the online store full of amazing pieces, I’ve caught myself drooling over. Jacque is truly a blogging force to be reckoned with, from her blog, online store and YouTube lookbooks, Jacque is totally someone to look out for.


                                  (wearing items from her shop)

The Eye: Do you blog as a hobby, or do you want it to grow into something more?

Jacque I blog for two reasons. The first is that it’s fun. I love to write, although I’m not that great at it, so blogging for me is a blast! I also love getting to know other bloggers/creative people, so my LIONESS features help me do that. The second reason is I have a small online vintage shop called LIONESS ( and my blog is also a way to share shop updates and products. So it’d be awesome if it grew but for now it’s more of a hobby that I mask as work. (more pieces from her shop ShopLioness)image

             (wearing pieces from her shop,

The Eye:If you had to pick a theme song for your style, what would it be?

Jacque: This one

*Side note from The Eye, that’s an awesome song!* 


The Eye: How do you feel about the recent popularity thrift shops have going on right now?

JacqueEven though I loooove thrifting myself, I’m extremely indifferent about the trend. I love that it’s sparking creativity and money saving…but like everything else I know it will fade soon and be replaced by the next. When that time comes I’ll be a happy girl because all the good stuff won’t be gone anymore! lol


The EyeDo you have a style icon, if no, why?

Jacque I used to. It was Janelle Monae. I’d wear suits, oxfords, etc…now I’m less concerned with what I wear. I just throw things on and I hope they go together lol. Sometimes when you have one particular style icon, you become so wrapped up in what they would wear instead of just being you. I definitely had a problem with that, so no icons for me.


The EyeHow do you feel about the current state of fashion blogging?

JacqueI only read blogs I like so as far as I know it’s great!

The EyeWant to give a blogger shoutout, as in any bloggers you’re loving right now, you’d like the readers to check out?

Jacque: These twins have awesome vintage style..and they wear LIONESS pieces and wear them oh so well!

The EyeWhere can we see more of you? 

    Thank you Jacque for sharing with the readers! Be sure to check out Jacque on her blog and check out the pieces from her shop!

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