Interviewing Kiersten Heath of Bite My Heath Bar


     I am very happy to interview, Kiersten Heath of Bite My Heath Bar. She is a personal style blogger from New Jersey, I recently discovered and cannot get enough!  Honestly, Bite My Heath Bar is a blog you will spend almost your whole day just indulging in all the awesome looks, because of the versatility and variety of her style. You can truly tell she is enjoying what she does with each post and there’s a level of fun that’s downright inspiring!


The Eye: How did your friends and family react to your decision to start blogging?

Kiersten: My family & friends were actually the ones who pushed me to start blogging, specifically my sister. I had a yearning to start a fashion blog after following so many other awesome bloggers like GabiFresh and Vintage Virgin, but I was scared. Scared of humiliation, not being good enough, not being creative or having clothes that were pretty enough. But my sister told me to simply go for it, and that’s just what I did.


The Eye: How do you handle negativity on your blog, if you receive any?

Kiersten: I don’t receive negativity on my blog directly, but when I’m featured on fashion social sites, I do get a mix of reviews. To be honest, the negative comments do hurt. I can’t say I’m good when people say I need to lose weight or one of my looks are horrible. But I realize it comes with the territory, so I try to take it in stride. Besides, you can’t please everyone (even though I try).


The Eye: Do you have a style philosophy or motto you live by when approaching a look?

Kiersten: When approaching a look, my style motto, philosophy is to simply dress how I am currently feeling. Sometimes, I am in a bohemian mood, other times I feel more tomboyish- but I always keep in mind my figure. I just try to dress appropriately for a curvy girl and I have a ton of fun in the process!


The Eye: If you could only shop from one store for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kiersten: If I could only shop from one store for the rest of my life, it would definitely be ASOS! Love, love, love ASOS! And they love me…I have a tweet to prove it! Ha!


The Eye: What’s your go to outfit?

Kiersten: I would say a blazer (print or solid) paired with either a dress or top & bottom is my go to outfit. I feel confident in that because I HATE my arms being out and I love the slimming look it has on me. Sprinkled with a statement necklace and a watch. Love that look!

*Side note from The Eye, that’s my go to look too!*

The EyeWant to give a blogger shoutout, as in any bloggers you’d like the readers to check out?

Kiersten: You all need to check out the wonderful GabiFresh who is really the #1 plus size blogger out now. I want to be her! Also my girl Brittany Coleman of Pockets and Bows She not only KILLS it in the styling department, but she also has been on this weightloss journey that is so inspiring. Finally, you guys need to check out these two awesome chicks from Greece; the blog is Blame on Mame 

The Eye:Where can we see more of you, as far as social media?

Kiersten: You can check me out of course on my blog, ‘like’ me on Facebook at BITE MY HEATH BAR and follow me on Instagram & Twitter @BITEMYHEATHBAR!

  Thank you so much Kiersten for sharing with the readers your style and blog.Be sure to check out Kiersten’s blog Bite My Heath Bar, for more of her fabulous outfits, and fabulous attitude.