Interviewing Paula of The Brantastic Life

    Scottish personal style blogger Paula of The Brantastic Life has a heart of gold. I’ve been following Paula’s blog for a bit of some time now, and always enjoyed it, what stuck out to me recently is her various charity work. Paula recently shaved her head for the charities, Rape Crisis Scotland, The Little Princess Trust and  Help for Heroes( you can click on the links to donate and can specifically donate to Bran Goes Bald at this link, Bran Goes Bald). Paula is both charitable and fashionable, a stunning combination!


The Eye: How did your friends and family react to your decision to start blogging?

Paula: A lot of my family and friends actually have no idea about the blog, everyone says I lead a double life, which in a way is true but I just find it quite awkward. I told my mum about it this year, but I don’t think she really understands the whole world of blogging. When my friends found it they loved it! I get really embarrassed when people tell me they’ve read it, but everyone is always so lovely and supportive so I know I have no reason to be.


The Eye: Have any people recognized you from your blog, and are you prepared for when the day comes?

Paula: No lol. Its funny I’m quite small so I do get recognised a lot, “Oh did you used to go to this college?”, “Did you used to work in …” etc etc … but no blog recognitions. I think I’d be mortified, but ultimately really flattered and its always lovely to meet readers wither its in real life or online, that’s why I love twitter.


The Eye: Do you have a style philosophy or motto you live by when approaching a look?

Paula: I always just think, do what you feel. People can dress in absolutely mad clothes but as long as they love their look it shows and that’s more important than looking “good”. I also don’t believe you have to spend a fortune just to look good, I dress in Primark most days and people seem to like what I wear and I’m always getting asked where things are from.


The Eye: How important do you think the layout to a blog is versus the actual content of the blog?

Paula: I think its extremely important, its the first impression that your reader gets, so if its bad they might not even stick around to read the content, which could be brilliant.


The Eye: Want to give a blogger shoutout, for a few bloggers the readers should check out?

Paula: I love all my Scottish bloggers, sometimes we get forgotten about since we are all the way up here, which is sad because there are some incredible Scottish blogs and bloggers out there. The Scottish Bloggers Network ( has most of them so its worth a wee peek! You won’t be disappointed!


The Eye: Where can we see more of you, social media etc/

Paula: I have twitter (@Brantastic_x) where I love getting to talk to other bloggers and followers, its made such a difference to my blogging experience. I also have Instagram (@thebrantasticlife) … its basically pictures of clothes and my cat. You can also follow the blog via Bloglovin.(

Paula thank you so much for sharing with the readers of The Eye. Everyone be sure to check out her blog The Brantastic Life, and check out the charities listed above!