Interviewing Pia Staten


     Hello everyone, It’s my pleasure to introduce Ms. Pia of the blog Pia Lashay. Pia blogs about her life, natural hair, being a fashion student with an eager desire to get into the industry, sneaker love, her style and designs. 
   I love Pia’s outfits, there’s something natural to her style, and how she puts her spin on feminine and fun looks. Check out Pia’s blog for yourself at


The EyeIf you had to pick a theme song for your style, what would it be?        

Pia: My style excites people usually, so anything Lil Jon. But really, that’s my personality in general. Lol exciting, unexpected.


The Eye: Do you blog as a hobby, or do you want it to grow into something more?

Pia: I blog because it’s an outlet. I’ve always blogged to let out things that I can’t necessarily run to my friends to discuss. I’ve always been the friend people come to for advice, so it’s awkward for me to go to anyone for advice about anything - that’s where my blog comes in. And I don’t mind my blog growing, it actually excites me. I just don’t want to draw a crowd that I don’t want, I like true bloggers.


The Eye: How do you feel about the current state of fashion blogging?

Pia: I feel like people are blogging now to become popular or famous. It’s really irritating. 


The Eye: How do you feel about the recent popularity thrift shops have going on right now?

Pia: I’ve always been a thrift shop junky. So when other people started doing it, it was kinda cool, then I got annoyed because I felt like everyone was dressing the same… thrifty. That is another reason why my style is changing from thrifty to more classic.


The Eye: Do you have a style icon, if you do who, and if no, why?

Pia: I’ve never had a style icon. I’ve always been a “sneakerhead” and I’ve never knew any other females who wore sneakers (celebs or not), so I kinda had to make my own style around my sneakers. 


The Eye: Want to give a blogger shoutout, as in any bloggers you’re loving right now you’d like the readers to check out?

Pia: All of my favorite bloggers no longer blog. One of the girls went on Bad Girls Club and disappeared from her blog - my other fav, she just stopped. My last girl is from Canada, and she is just hot hot hot hot, but she stopped as well. So sorry, I don’t have anyone I’m slobbering over currently. 

The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Pia: I have instagram (piamingg) but I really like vine, Pia Ming. My tumblr is like a diary and the name is princessofthetrap. My main blog is

   Thank you Pia for sharing with the readers of The Eye!