I am happy to introduce personal style blogger Emmanuella of the blog Nuella Source. Nuella Source , focuses on Emmanuella’s style,nail art(which is really freaking cute, check out this nail design, here) and her life. I love Emmanuella’s easy going approach to blogging, she blogs out of fun and to share with others. Besides Emmanuella’s style is the perfect inspiration for more feminine outfits with a wardrobe made for an all year Summer.


The Eye: Do you blog as a hobby, or do you want it to grow into something more?

Emmanuella: I blog as a hobby and by passion.


The Eye: If you had to pick a theme song for your style, what would it be?

Emmanuella: I can think of many French songs but I know you guys probably don’t know them so let’s say Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

(*Emmanuella is from the Ivory Coast, West Africa and her primary language is French*)


The Eye: Do you have a style icon, if no, why?

Emmanuella: I love Miranda Kerr’s style. She’s always gorgeous and I like her effortlessly chic and feminine style.


The Eye: How do you feel about the current state of fashion blogging?

Emmanuella: I think there are too many people who don’t blog for the sake of exchanging and sharing with people. I might be wrong but a blog is supposed to be that, a place where we can share and exchange. I think most of the people who like to browse on fashion blogs are looking for inspiration from real people and they want to be able to connect with the blogger. Unfortunately as soon as some bloggers start to have a certain popularity they’re no longer natural, and they start doing things on purpose, like to be famous or to be able to get free stuff from online stores. No responses to the readers. They’re also the ones who are constantly looking for new followers and never stop, promoting their blogs with comments like “follow me and I will follow you back” or “come, visit my blog and follow” . This is really irritating and useless!



The Eye: Do you think the fashion blogging industry is becoming competitive and if so is this a bad thing?

Emmanuella: Yes it’s becoming very competitive and it’s definitely a bad thing. It is discouraging for the not so famous bloggers and the people who want to start to blog.


The Eye: Want to give a blogger shoutout, for a few bloggers the readers should check out?

Emmanuella: I love this Spanish girl’s style http://lapetitblonde.comAlso this gorgeous thrifter that has been a friend of mine sweetie (not really fashion related more photography)

The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Emmanuella: On my style blog 

  • My tumblr 

  • Instagram

    Thank you Emmanuella for sharing your blogger perspective and amazing style! Be sure to check out Emmanuella’s blog Nuella Source and she also has awesome nail art check out the gallery, Nuella’s Nail Art .


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