Olivia Noel is the personal style blogger of Olivia truly embodies a laid back approach towards blogging and it shows in her posts and her style. Giving us fly style from Florida, her looks tend ot be Summer approved and Spring savvy.I love the way Olivia’s style changes( I also adore her hair). I’ve definitely picked up some tips from Olivia when I started blogging, her chill attitude is downright contagious and truly knows what it’s like to blog for the sake of blogging.


The Eye: Do you think bloggers are obligated to keep up with all social media platforms, or is it better to stick to the few they know?

Olivia: I think it all depends on you. For me it’s just a hobby so having an Instagram or Facebook is something I’m not interested in. But I have a Lookbook and Chictopia account. 


The Eye: How do you feel about the recent popularity thrift shops have going on right now?

Olivia: Recent??? I’ve always loved thrifting! I think it’s great. It saves money and you always find unique pieces :). 


The Eye: Any tips, to give a beginning blogger?

Olivia: I’d say just be yourself and wear whatever you want to wear regardless of style! Once you just show who you are you’ll really love blogging and you’ll see how creative you can be!


 The Eye: Want to give a blogger shoutout?

Olivia: Ooh I have to say hi to Diane from Deevine Anonyme. That girl has been there since day one and I love how fearlessly she wears colors! Also she’s a nail queen lol :).

 The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Olivia: Well here’s my blog, tumblr & lookbook :). 

  Thank you Olivia for sharing your tips and style with the readers of The Eye, be sure to check out Olivia’s blog,Olivia Noel.

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