Social Media Observations

       When tweeting links,pinning pictures and using other platforms like Twitter I notice it’s best to watch what you connect to where. One platform could very well be starved, and another saturated with your content. I for one like to use Pinterest when I want to pin the picture I use as a caption to a text post.I use Instagram to give small snap shots, and previews and then link to the actual post in the caption, when posting to Instagram,I would share that picture to Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr seeing as how these three platforms are great for picture sharing. 

     When linking accounts always make sure to alternate and give updates to any of the possible followers that perhaps there is content on one platform they are missing, that is not on the other. Such as Tumblr, I use it to log my blogging observations, the people who like my Facebook page would get an update that they could see this very post, on my Tumblr page, and then people on this Tumblr would not only get to see my blogger thoughts but also my actual blog links to Deejay Speaks

   It’s all about giving and taking to bring in an audience, and to ultimately share with those who are interested, not spam,force or annoy a possible audience.Cater to specific audiences by acknowledging the kind of platform that specific audience is on. 

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