When Blogging Stops Being Fun

 When blogging stops being fun,you’re no longer doing it correctly.Blogging is all about you,your expression,what you share,when you decide to share it and how.When you get to a point where blogging just isn’t as interesting:

A. Take a break,you’re not being paid to blog and if you are merely let your employer be aware you need a break.Your content managed to grasp the audience it did when you were in a different place than you are now. It’s okay to take a vacation in the name of coming back  bigger and better.

B. Look at what you’re blogging about, does it still speak to you? I was sick of my blog Deejay Speaks, when it was nothing but OOTDs, and Polyvore sets so I switched it up. I started blogging about my life,celebrity worship in our society,poetry,my goals and a lot more in addition to the fashion.

C. Who are you blogging for?You started doing posts for you, and now you’re doing posts for everyone else, but you’re not EVERYONE ELSE AND CAN’T ASSUME WHAT EVERYONE ELSE WANTS, that’s how people go crazy with stress.

    Basically take a breather,look over your goals as a blogger and relax. Blogging shouldn’t be painful.