Be A Proud Mama or Papa


    When people ask about your blog,what do you say? Are you ever hesitant to say “oh it’s just this little thing”, do you have the urge to avoid talking about it at all-stop right there. You have every right to keep your blog your own little secret. It’s completely understandable you want to keep your piece of the cyber world hidden but for those who have a blog and want to build a profession from it being bashful is in short, “a no no”. Building a profession out of a blog is hard work and you have to be able to sell said work to the masses. Convince an audience that what you’ve created is worth checking out and coming back for updates on.

    When professionally blogging you put in so much effort on your content, don’t sell it short. Being a professional blogger and using your platforms to build a brand and sell your product to the best of its ability means being able to talk about it and talk about it with excitement. Blogging for career purposes is like you had a baby, and this is an amazing baby, be proud of your kid! As your blog matures you’re going to want to expand and grow it’s content…what’s the point if no one knows though?

    Don’t be bashful about your professional blog baby!