Happy to Introduce Jireh of Personal Style Blog Just Jireh!


        I am happy to introduce Jireh of personal style blog, Just Jireh. Jireh and I are both members of FashDet, a network of fashion bloggers from Detroit and I love to see her doing the city proud! When Jireh isn’t spending her time writing for the Detroit Fashion News, or working on her blog she’s putting her focus and faith in God to guide her through her blossoming career in fashion Jireh also has a passion for design to go along with her talents in styling and I look forward to seeing her collection someday. Without further ado, lets welcome Jireh to The Eye!


The Eye:   I  know you share both your style and faith in God on your blog, were you afraid of any criticism for sharing your faith with your followers? I know I used to be a little apprehensive when I began sharing my faith in God with the readers of my personal blog and wonder how you prepared yourself?

 Jireh: I actually haven’t received any criticism regarding my faith on Just Jireh yet. Surprisingly, I noticed that I get more responses and positive feedback of people who were thankful because they were encouraged of God’s promises and unfailing love once again. It’s tough, however, because the world doesn’t see faith and fashion together as being sell able but rather controversial. But God has placed this in my heart for His own purposes; this is what He wants me to do. It’s non-negotiable.


 The Eye: Has blogging ever clashed with your other responsibilities?

 Jireh: Yes! I try to put my best work out there on every single post. I spend about 20 hours a week on my blog while balancing a full time job, writing for Detroit Fashion News, and working on my future fashion line and other endeavors. Prioritizing and time management is vital. It can get a bit overwhelming at times, but I absolutely love it. My mind is constantly spinning, filled with everything I’m passionate about all the time.  


The Eye: July is The Eye’s month of confidence and courage, would you say your blog helped build your inner courage and confidence?

 Jireh: Definitely. I remember posting my first “outfit of the day” and I was so conscious of what people would think. Yet I started posting more look shots and content beyond wardrobe styling such as my projects, designs, inspiration, and sketches. Eventually it all gave me courage to get a side shave, transition my style, and take on challenges. It also reminded me that God has given each and every one of us a talent that we shouldn’t hide but rather share. That in itself is confidence.


 The Eye: Can you explain a time you ever faced body image issues and how do you handle them?

 Jireh: I’m a girl…I face it all the time! God has given me a booty and thighs; I have to be thankful for what He’s blessed me with and that’s how I handle it. Confidence through Christ. Some people face much worse. I really have nothing to complain about.


 The Eye: What would you tell a blogger who’s beginning to feel insecure about her pictures?

 Jireh: First of all, two words: you’re beautiful. Whatever you are feeling unconfident about, embrace what’s been given to you. Remember that God isn’t looking at your outwardly self. He looks at your heart instead. So whatever is discouraging you, work it out and give Him all the glory!


 The Eye: What advice would you give a blogger that continues to compare their work to everyone else’s?

 Jireh: Everyone has their own kind of success. If you constantly compare yourself to another blogger’s you’ll start to lose face on your own blog. For example, once a major blogger makes a change on his/her blog, suddenly others start to do the same. That’s why fashion blogs look so similar nowadays. Blog about what you have a passion for so that when you write, it becomes second nature. Once your work truly comes from within, you would have created your own kind of success.


 The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

 Jireh: Everywhere!

 Blog: http://justjireh.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Just_Jireh

Tumblr: http://justjireh.tumblr.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/just_jireh#

Detroit Fashion News: http://www.detroitfashionnews.com/

   I am so happy to share Jireh’s style and experiences with you, I’m a new follower of her blog and honestly can’t get enough, find out why by checking out Just Jireh!