Introducing Allison Ng of Trampling Ice Cream!


Allison of Trampling Ice Cream uses her blog as a true creative escape. When she’s not documenting her eccentric, inspiring personal style on her blog she’s practicing her mermaid impersonation at local Coney Island. This Lower East Side New Yorker knows how to play with her style and scenery.We appreciate Allison taking the time from interning as a social media maven at Pixie Market, to share her style wisdom with us! I love Allison’s fun and exciting style and I think she has some awesome advice to share, so guys welcome Allison Ng!


The Eye: Have you ever hesitated to tell someone about your blog?

Allison: My fashion blog is where I put most of my creative juices into, so I love sharing my blog with people I am starting to meet or with people I’ve known for a long time.


The Eye: What’s a blogger tip you’d give someone beginning to create a blog?

Allison: There should be a trademark with every outfit you post, something that stays constant and let the real person shine through no matter what outfit. It could be constant change of hair color, obsession with scarves, or statement post titles. 


The Eye: Have you ever had a time you considered deleting your blog?Allison: Never! Life would probably be easier if I stopped blogging, but it gives me a sense of purpose to contribute my unique street styles with the entire world. And above all, it’s all for fun!


The Eye: Would you say blogging has any effect on your confidence?

Allison: In elementary school, I wore my pajamas to class. In middle school, sweatpants and sneakers were my staple pieces. During high school, I roamed the hallways in my gym clothes. I started blogging as a college student, and since have gotten weird stares on the F train and compliments from strangers :) I dress to make myself happy and nobody else.


The Eye: What would you tell a blogger who’s beginning to feel insecure about her pictures? 

Allison: Girl, you are B-E-A-UTIFUL! You won’t look like those skinny white girls in the magazines, because they don’t look like them either. Photoshop has been manipulating young minds for too long. You’re unique and if anyone tells you otherwise, flip your hair dramatically and strut the other way because there will always be haters.

*The Eye side note, excellent advice!!*

The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Allison: Feel free to follow my instagram at :]