Introducing Leslie of UR Pretty Haute


Leslie Eugene is a stylist and fashion blogger of  Ur Pretty Haute, a blog chronicling her style and fashion. Leslie balances both her profession,blog and being a super mom with superb grace. Lets welcome Leslie Eugene as she shares her great blogging advice and style from the Delaware.


The Eye: Has blogging ever clashed with your other responsibilities?

Leslie: Yes, absolutely. I work a full-time job that I am so thankful to have. I have the luxury to work from home and at times I catch myself trying to multi-task in between breaks and lunch, It can be a little difficult at times. Blogging is a passion that also work as a part-time job so after a long day of work I still have to set time away to update a post, research for a future post or respond to deadlines and emails. So recently, it has clashed with my required  hours of sleep.


The Eye: Have you ever had a time you considered deleting your blog?

Leslie: I wouldn’t say that I ever wanted to delete it, but there was a time when I felt overwhelmed. As a single parent, it can be hard to balance work, family and still be consistent with blogging. 


The Eye: Would you say blogging has any effect on your confidence?

Leslie: Yes, in a good way. When you have great followers that leave kind words about how much they love your blog, it motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing. 


The Eye: What would you tell a blogger who’s beginning to feel insecure about her pictures? 

Leslie: I’ve been there and still struggle with that at times. If you are really serious about blogging, do a lot of research on how to improve the quality of your pictures. I recently invested in a Nikon DSLR which has enhance my blog appearance. If a DSLR is out of your budget, find out ways through sites like and, they’re very helpful with new bloggers.



The Eye:Can you explain a time you ever faced body image issues and how do you handle them?

Leslie: There was this one time that I had to face reality that everyone will not accept you for who you are and what you represent. There are good critics and bad critics but you have to be secure and happy with who are, especially when you are putting yourself on a platform that will be visible to the public. Last year, I was spotted at the Lincoln Center during Fashion week and was asked a few questions about my beauty and skincare regimen. The interview was featured on The Huffington Post . As soon as I seen the picture, reality hit again. The first thought that came to mind was how fat my face look. Nevermind the flawless makeup, I just looked fat. Then I had to deal with the many comments about having a gap-toothed. I mean, you really have to have thick skin to face things like that. The great thing about having a personal blog, you can express your thoughts and share your experience with your readers that may have faced the same issues. I did a post embracing my “Big lipped and Gap toothed” and let even joked about my plump face. It’s inevitable to get emotional when someone targets you appearance, but no matter what, just know that no one is perfect. The most beautiful woman face body image issues, love who YOU are and the rest will follow.


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