Introducing Medge!


  I am happy to introduce Medge of the  T-Dot based(Toronto,Canada)  personal style blog My Voguish Diaries. I’ve always admired her blog for the clean polished format, and her polished personal style so I’m very happy to share both her style and advice with you guys today!


The Eye: What do you do, when you face a blogging rut?

Medge: I usually go look at some of my favorite blogs for inspiration. Since I mostly post about my personal style, inspiration is literally infinite. I can get lost for hours looking at fashion and thinking about how I could better my own. 


 The Eye: How do you handle negativity on your blog, if you receive any?

Medge: Once, I got an anonymous comment that was pretty mean. I obsessed about it for days! But after a while I just decided that hey, not everyone is going to love your style, You do this for yourself. So screw it. There’s way too much positivity to be hanging on to people who want to break your spirit. And it takes to much energy to stay upset and obsess over something like that!


The Eye: If you had to pick one era of fashion like the 90s, or 60s, which would it be and why?

Medge: It would have to be a tie between the 60s and the 70s. I have to blame Mad Men for my obsession with 60s fashion. The cut and structure of the dresses, the hair, just the glamour. But then the 70s was so laid back and bright. Women didn’t just wear dresses, they wore the wide leg jeans - which I love.




The Eye: Do you think the fashion blogging industry is becoming competitive and if so is this a bad thing?

Medge: I definitely think there’s a little competition. And I must say that to some extent, competition can make you strive to be better. But when it enters jealousy territory, that’s when there’s an issue. I think that completely takes away from a blogger in respect to what you can improve on your blog - it just doesn’t help anything.  


                                 (celebrating her blog’s 2nd birthday)

The Eye: If you had to pick a theme song for your style, what would it be?

Medge: That’s a really hard question. I think I’d have to say Beyonce’s Run the World (Girls) because A) I was obsessed with the fashion in that music video, B) she has such great style  and C) I love being a girl and having fun with fashion. 

*The Eye’s Side note Beyonce’s Run The World is the perfect song to get dressed to*


The Eye: What would you tell a blogger who’s beginning to feel insecure about her pictures?

Medge: I think all bloggers face this at some point, even the professional bloggers. I think you have to just take a moment and remember why you started doing it. It’s about personal style. You know how to dress your body, so you have to exude confidence. Insecurity will show through pictures. Sometimes it just straight up sucks. You get these demented views of how your body looks. But nobody is looking at you how you look at yourself. Putting yourself out there for others to look at is already hard enough. What good does it do to beat yourself up about it? You’ve already done the hard part, so build on it.


 The Eye: Can you explain a time you ever faced body image issues and how do you handle them?

Medge: I went through a phase where I just felt I wasn’t in my best shape. I would go take outfit photos and then when I uploaded them I decided they weren’t going on the blog. And this went on for weeks!  Looking back, it was such a huge waste of time and energy. This shouldn’t be about perfection - it’s about being yourself. Every blogger is different, every body is different. Nobody critiques us like we do ourselves. I really think just being kinder to ourselves goes a long way. Now when I’m feeling like “ugh, I look so fat in that picture,” I just say “F it. The outfit looks good.” Look at the positives, and screw the negatives.


The Eye: Want to give a blogger shout out?

Medge: I have to mention 2 bloggers who always show support to me and I love their blogs as well: Jezz Dallas at and Girly at

 The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

 Medge: You can find me at my blog On Instagram On Twitter And on Pinterest at