A Trending Terror

      Imagine there’s a piece of clothing, it’s all over the blogs, commercials, and it’s even spoken about in that latest song by your favorite singer but…you hate that particular clothing item.You’re a fashion blogger and as a fashion blogger people often expect you to know the latest trends,try it out, exhibit various ways to wear it. Although it’s expected for you to at least try the trend you can’t stand the mere sight of it,believe it or not your unpopular opinion is opportunity in disguise. 


             Instead of approaching this situation with dread and a rant that’s taking up room in your drafts, this is your moment to really identify what differentiates you from other fashion bloggers. While everyone is focused on this trend, you bring up your love for other clothing items and the reason why. When we take the time to really select and choose different trends instead of just going with them, that’s when personal style gets distinguished. In fact your indifference with that particular trend may relate to more people than you’d know. Perhaps this is your chance to to start your own trend!

         Don’t approach trends you don’t like, you’re a human being behind that fashion blog and it’s okay not to agree with everyone.Embrace your differences, and put a positive spin on it.Forcing yourself to try a trend will be clearly seen in your blog posts and no one wins that game.