My Instagram is currently racking up comments as we speak to discuss the power of trends in fashion and how it affects someone’s personal style. I I’m amazed at how much power social media truly has, building a brand,following and using your voice all at the tips of your fingers is an electrifying feeling. Tomorrow morning I will share all the responses, and a more in-depth review of using Instagram and Twitter to gather opinions.

     I want to take a moment to also acknowledge the role social media is truly taking in this discussion of trends. Just like how we get an opinion from the everyday shopper/fashion blogger/fashion vlogger during the current survey, there are companies who use the same methods to predict what’s going to be big and what’s going to be big later. Who’s really in control in this trendsetting game, is it us as the consumers or is it the sellers? If we as the consumers assume the role as the deciding factor to certain fashion trends, what trend would you like to see happen, and what would you do to get it off the ground? Let me know in the comment section, I always look forward to your responses!

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