Back To School Style Tip#1!


         Right now, as in today is the perfect time to put your favorite songs on full blast and clean out your closet and dressers. I know what you’re thinking “but I love my clothes!”, and you probably do, but you don’t love all of them.In fact some of those clothes are in the back of your closet collecting dust out of the simple fact they make you cringe. We’ve all bought things that we looked back on said “what was I thinking”, so why hold onto it? You’re not the same girl you used to be when you bought that hot pink and yellow striped, mini skirt with the feathers on the hips, you don’t love it anymore, but I promise you someone else will. 

             I recently went through my entire closet and began picking out things to donate to charity. I took the time to acknowledge that my clothing doesn’t really have control over me, and my detachment to my wardrobe made me really happy. Being controlled or owned by material things is never a good thing, because material things fade but your spirit and their memory never does. Donating my clothes has to be one of the most freeing, satisfying things I’ve done this whole Summer. I’m not asking you to dump everything you own, just ask yourself if the items you’re looking at fit your criteria for valuable and if they don’t give it away.


        If it fails the first of my criteria then it’s on the chopping block. If the item fails the last part of my criteria it’s getting tossed away, a clothing item that’s so torn and beat up that it can’t even serve its purpose anymore, benefits no one. The criteria above are just some of my own personal questions I ask myself as I clean out old clothes, you can get inspired by mine but making the decision to give things away is completely up to you.

       Making the decision to make donations is a beautiful one, it helps you realize that material objects don’t own you, you own it. Besides developing a detachment to materialism, you could very well be helping someone in need and that fact still brings me happiness just thinking about it.Share with me your criteria for giving things away in the comment section, and really take the time to think do you own your wardrobe or does it own you?