Being Nervous is Natural


        Not everyone is born a social butterfly, unfortunately the world we live in can often make us feel like we need to conform to become one. Being social can take a toll on some of us, it’s not a manner of disliking people but it can cause anxiety for some, me included. The fashion blogging industry, specifically the fashion industry is about what you do and who you know. The “who you know”, can really make your journey in fashion blogging easier or make it somewhat of a struggle in comparison.Don’t worry you’re not doomed just because you’re stressed about networking, here’s a few tips I’ve gained to help. 

    1. Fake it ,till you make it! I admit sometimes I act as though I’m a character and throw myself into a role until my nerves fade and I come out of my shell. I fake the confidence, I fake the charisma until my own inner spark feels comfortable enough to reveal itself.Don’t fake it too much, overacting can come off obnoxious and pretentious, just be aware lol. 

2.     Take baby steps. Social media is the best place to practice networking, but allow me to remind you it’s the best place to "practice networking", it does not take the place of face to face communication or talks over the phone. Connect with your fellow bloggers on Twitter chats, and Facebook stats so when you see them in public you at least have somewhere to start off with the conversation. 

3.     Don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous around new people,we all handle it differently.You are who you are and embrace that, you will be able to come out of your shell eventually and when you do your peers won’t be able to get enough of you! Remember you’re an incredible human being, with a worthy voice to be heard.

4.   Don’t idolize. Sometimes certain fashion bloggers, or individuals in the industry leave us starstruck, but believe it or not you share a lot of things in common. Your idol breathes the same air as you, farts and burps like you, had an awkward stage in middle school like you.Remember to respect those you admire in the industry but don’t hold them on such a high pedestal, because when you hold someone that high, it’s easier for them to fall.

      These are my tips, for shaking some nerves when approaching networking, I’d love to hear what you do to shake off your nerves! Let me know in the comment section guys!