Comparisons and Inspiration: There's A Big Difference


          One of my fatal flaws that seemed to manifest out of thin air is a consistent habit I have for comparing myself with others. Comparing yourself with other blogs is a dangerous activity. You have to understand this blogger, the person with the laptop in their lap, or perhaps the individual with the tablet in their hands is not you. The blogger you compare yourself with will never be you, because you’re 2 different individuals from 2 different backgrounds, with a different audience and a different view. No matter how big the difference, the difference still exists. The way you pose may not flatter the other blogger when he or she takes their outfit posts, the cameras are going to be different, the editing will most likely not be the same and this doesn’t make one better than the other, this makes diversity. 

     My love for fashion blogging started with the “do it yourself” factor. When you look at the fashion industry although some change has happened their’s still often only certain kinds of people and certain kinds of looks that get any real popularity so when I built my blog, it was to represent people like me. The only thing that began harming my originality was when I began comparing my pictures,my clothes,my looks and my opportunities with that of other bloggers and coveting their success.

     Did my act of comparing and harming my spirit as a result stop me from looking at other blogs? No. I still look at the blogging types of others but now that I’ve matured and learned from the experience, I don’t make comparisons, I get inspired. In the past if saw a blogger post about a meet-up, I would reflect on my lack of interaction, and lack of a local audience to do a meet up in the first place. Negativity would soon circle in like a vulture to a dead carcass and swallow me up, pushing me to even consider deleting my blog altogether. Now that I’ve grown I see the holes and flaws in comparing my blog to others and I understand that I should see what other bloggers do and use it as inspiration, not as a tool to poke holes in my own work.

     When I see certain bloggers do things that I really like, or am interested in, I let it inspire me. I look at the topic or idea(I link it back of course) and put my own original spin on it. Blogging is an independent platform, where originality should thrive and originality is born from the things that make us different in the first place. So don’t compare yourself to other blogs, to criticize your own creation, get inspired and use it as motivation to build your blog or posts in a way that excite you like the other blog did, while maintaining your own originality.