Fall Fashion Trend #3

     Plaid is taking over this Fall….as usual and I’m not mad at this in the least. Plaid and Fall go together like peanut butter and jelly it’s hard to see them apart. In previous years plaid has been brought to popularity by wearing it in an 80s retro fashion, and a previous year it was worn for the boyish androgyny trend and this time, plaid will be paired for grunge style. 

     I remember when I first noticed how much plaid was taking over in 2008 when I was in the 9th grade and noticed all the flannel pieces left and right. I’m a huge fan of plaid, so I don’t mind this trend coming back in the least! We sourced this trend back to Elle’s article Trend Report: Plaid Etc. where it’s basically explained that plaid will be invading your closets whether in patches on your favorite blouse, or taking refuge on your favorite dress.

   I also believe the popularity of plaid stems from this Grunge fashion revival.I can picture the plaid skirts, distressed tights, and spiky jewelry now!Are you prepared for the plaid invasion?