Get Your Style For The Semester!


    It’s that time of the year again where back to school style posts(like this one) are born and so are new personal style bloggers. Most people go back to school shopping for many things like erasers,notebooks,pencils….and clothes. Everyone likes going back to school with a new wardrobe, it makes you feel refreshed for the new semester! With this onslaught of new back to school posts and shopping, not only are new wardrobes born but so are personal style bloggers. Bringing about a new wardrobe gives you a kick butt attitude and some people express that through blogging.Not only is the back to school season the time for personal style bloggers to come into their own it’s also a time those student discount posts,and styling on a budget posts come into popularity. 

     Getting ready for the new season makes you want to revamp your entire closet, but you don’t need to break the bank to do so.I am a dedicated believer in getting the most out of your clothes whether you wear it a different way or DIY the piece. Revamping and recycling go hand in hand which brings us to the next topic. 

     I am dedicating The Eye, next month to 

  • personal style bloggers

  • student discounts and how to style on a budget post

  • thrift store,how-tos

  • DIY fashion 

  • How to transition your Summer clothes to Fall and Winter

  • How to wear one item x-amount of ways 

and a lot more. Get ready because school is in session and so is your style!