Interview With The Administrator


      This week’s Trend Talk is going to be between you and I! Yes, as the writer of the blog and the writer of my own personal blog Although my personal blog is a lot of different things it did begin as a persona style blog, which you can still see here, Deejay’s Style. I decided to voice my opinion more so on trend obsessions and who is in control of the trends.

Name A Trend You’d Like to See Come Back:

      A trend I’d love to see come back is checker prints, like that of the Mod era. I loved a lot about the Mod era from the big eye lashes,short hair and bright little structured dresses.

If A Fashion Blogger Doesn’t Follow The Trends Does It Help Or Hinder Them?

        A fashion blogger not following the rules is a fashion blogger I’m interested in.This isn’t to say that following trends is bad but I love seeing different kinds of personal style so not following the trends adds to much needed diversity.A fashion blogger will more than likely stand out, and that attention on them will mostly be beneficial.

Advice For Someone Driven Mad Over Fashion Trends :

     As far as people who grow obsessed over these trends and drive themselves into the ground other it I have this advice: “will this item really mean anything to you, three months from now”? “does this one simple item determine you worth and define all of what you are”?. Never let material possessions posses you, don’t let what’s popular take over your life. The popular possessions and social media platforms do not hold the key to happiness and success, you do. 

Should Fashion Bloggers Keep Up With All The Trends, Including Social Media?

        I do believe bloggers should keep up with social media but not if they don’t want to.Constantly tweeting,Google Plus sharing, and reblogging your links doesn’t mean anything if your content is off and you’re not networking with those in your industry.

Do Fashion Bloggers Play A Big Role In Popularizing Trends?

         As far as the blogger and fashion industry collaboration, I do believe  that bloggers do have control.Bloggers represent the demographic of people that the industry is trying their best to reach, so why not collaborate with them?Do bloggers have all the say so, no because often you find other bloggers merely copying each other promoting the trend for free without any push or contract from a company or line. 

     The industry will only contact certain bloggers that have the most audience.They want to see to that audience so ultimately if anyone really has the power it’s the people. The consumers have so much more say than they’ll ever truly acknowledge.

    I hope you guys enjoyed my responses, and feel free to share your opinions on trends as well, in the comments! You can follow me on Twitter @Deejay_Speaks, Instagram Deejay Speaks, and of course my personal blog if you want to get to know a little bit more about me, at!