Making Instagram Work For You



        Instagram is a great platform for sharing outfit of the day sneak peeks,selfies, and just to let people know “heeeey there’s a new post up”  and reach other people with the right hashtags. Trying to build an audience with my Instagram was a very interesting experiment. I realized that the time of posting certain pictures is really important if you’re looking for feedback. At certain times of the day I’d receive many responses from my Instagram surveys and on other days it would be silent and then blow up with comments later! 

       I also noticed the more I used hashtags and became more vocal on the platform I received more likes and followers! The Instagram experiment was a fun activity and very informative on how to gain the most audience possible on each post. I patiently wait for the day we can link our pictures, I know someone has probably suggested the idea by now…you know how we fashion bloggers are with our hyperlinks lol. Will I do this Instagram survey once more….?

       The pros of this experiment are grand but the cons can be bothersome.The constant checking to see if the picture has gained a response, the randomness of the format can make doing posts surrounding the platform difficult to schedule.Building an audience on Instagram although it can be somewhat trying has indeed benefited my blog, I noticed on my analytic stats that people have been searching for my blog instead of randomly bumping into it on these cyber streets lol. My Instagram chats have inspired me to get interested in doing Twitter chats, and once I build a bigger following I’d love to conduct one of my own! Ultimately the Instagram posts were very beneficial in my view of social media, and there is more to the platform than merely selfies.

      Would I build an entire name off of Instagram, no. But will I continue to use Instagram to at least get my name out there, it can’t hurt.Leave a comment below on your experience with Instagram!