Meet Joelle Owusu!


      Joelle Owusu of February Girl is a blog I recently indulged in and needed to share. Style blogging all the way from South East London,(she’s in Scotland for University at the moment),Joelle truly understands what it means to bring your own specific voice to a blog. Reading through Joelle’s blog is like hanging out with your best friend while reading through a magazine, oohing and ahhing over things you like and poking fun at others. It’s my pleasure to present to you Joelle Owusu’s blog February Girl!


 The Eye: What trend would you like to bring back, or start?

Joelle: I LOVED the preppy trend with brown leather satchels, brogue shoes and Peter Pan collars. It’s quintessentially British and flattering on almost all body shapes - so I hope that makes a comeback!I also like the patterned trousers trend! Can that be a trend forever please?

The Eye: When a fashion blogger doesn’t participate in trends, does it hinder them or make them stand out?

Joelle: It doesn’t hinder them at all! In fact, it could work in their favour as some clothes bloggers can wear something and make it popular. Not all bloggers write about trends, and I find that quite refreshing. But with that said, if a blogger did occasionally write about the trends they like, that’s fine too. The top thing is not to be consumed by all the trends.


The Eye:What advice would you give someone who’s driven themselves mad, trying to follow the trends?

Joelle:That was like me when I was younger. Even when I knew something didn’t suit me, I tried to make it work because the trend was in all of the shops and my classmates seemed to always look great. The advice I would give would be to just find small things within each trend that for you (and your budget), perhaps a clutch bag from the perspex trend or a bright jumper from the neon trend? Going full-out with one trend can often be a bit too much, so little hints of it is the way to go, in my opinion. And remember, trends will always come, go and repeat!

The Eye: Do you think it’s necessary for fashion bloggers to keep up with all the newest social media platforms?

 Joelle: Absolutely! If you want to take blogging a step further than just a hobby, keeping connected and interactive online is key. We all know how powerful twitter is, but there are so many more platforms (e.g. Pinterest, Vine, Facebook, Glipho, Tumblr, Blog Lovin’, Instagram) that you could also consider. With that said, you HAVE to remember to keep safe online - that is the most important thing about having an online presence. With safety comes common sense as well. Anything you write online remains there for life (even when you delete it), so swearing, trolling and other bad things can affect your future employment when your name is searched.


The Eye: Do you think fashion bloggers play a big hand in popularizing certain trends? 

 Joelle: Definitely! Readers like to see real people/bloggers that they like in certain trends. In a way, it kind of humanizes the elitist fashion industry! With fashion magazines, there were always celebrities being paid to like certain trends, but with fashion bloggers, it’s often more real and therefore readers are influenced by them in a good way.


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The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Joelle: Come find me over at  and on twitter @Joelle_o :)


Thank you Joelle for sharing your advice and opinions, guys feel free to check out Joelle’s blog, February Girl!