Here are some of the opinions collected through my Instagram survey! It’s safe to assume that many people always have their own sense of style in mind, but mixing and matching with trends does have a small role.Shoppers, and fashion bloggers alike are not completely controlled by trends, but they do pick and pull certain trends they like. Some find certain trends to inspire them and others find that. Many people want the best of both worlds by using specific trends they like and adding it to their original style. Mixing something new, with your natural style preferences is a healthy mix, that I admit I do from time to time. It’s hard not to be interested in certain trends, because the popular trends are the ones with the spotlight on them, and if should this spotlight be on something you actually like but never noticed before it received its spotlight, it’s only natural to be more drawn to it.I have this from personal experience. I have always loved leopard and cheetah print, they screamed eccentric and fun like Scary Spice. When I got older my personal style developed more and I still enjoyed leopard and cheetah print but it was somewhat hard to find in the quantity I liked.In the fall of 2012 all that changed and there was an animal print explosion that is still spilling over, to some they may see my leopard print headband and call it trend following, but I call it opportunity! How do these stores and brands know when to bring a specific style out of hiding, that’s a question we’re still trying to answer.

           Trying to cater to an audience with such broad styles and opinions like      that above can be difficult but it can be done, by some more in-depth           analysis.You could imagine stores and brands paying attention to those           chosen trends that people have a particular liking to and continue to produce trends of similar quality, such as the peplum for instance. The peplum top is loved for it’s waist slimming structure and femininity some even say the popularity of the peplum started with the notorious show Mad Men. Once the peplum became popular, the next thing you see are brands catering to other trends like that of the 50s and 60s, such as pencil skirts and the polka dot trend, which  Harper’s Bazaar predicted to take over in the Spring here

     Consumers clearly have more say than we first acknowledge when it comes to setting trends, that being said what do we do with that power? What trend do we bring back, what campaign do we make popular and why? What observation have you made from this survey? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you guys!

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