The Instagram Results Are In....

    Clearly when asked, many people have their own specific tastes in style and clothing from Converse shoes,curves and Parachute pants! The fashion consumer has an opinion like many people, they know what they like, they know why.Does the fashion industry take in account what the people say, or does it do its own thing and figure the consumers will follow suit?

        I find that the fashion industry lives on a co-dependency with the consumers.The fashion industry will do what it wants, how it wants and will campaign for it through multiple ways.Through celebrity endorsements, ads featuring the hottest song(American Eagle playing Treasure by Bruno Mars ring a bell) the fashion industry will try and convince people this is what you want, instead of trying to take in account every single very diverse opinion(which is kind of impossible). The co-dependency kicks in once all the campaigning, endorsing,name dropping has been done and the trend….still flops.

      Once all the tactics have been done, and the trend still fails to take flight the next move is to listen to the people. For example, whatever movie is the hottest right now they will pay attention to the wardrobe of the main character, who designed the main character’s dress or pants and will expand from their. Perhaps a specific music genre is huge in popularity at the moment like Country they will take an interest in boot cut jeans and how to make cowboy boots casual.The fashion industry will do how it pleases and then will listen to the people for a second opinion and lets examine why. 

    Most fashion designers and stylists, do what they do from their core. Style and dress is a form of art for them, it’s the way they express themselves. So when a fashion designer designs, he or she designs with his or her heart’s eye in mind. When a stylist begins creating store displays or directing the wardrobe of a shoot, they do it with their own perspective and inspiration. The fashion industry doesn’t ignore their audience, but it is an industry built on self expression and it can’t express everything for everyone all the time, let alone can all these kinds of expressions reach all the same levels of popularity.

        If the current trends aren’t catering to your preference, this is your moment to express yourself and wear the trends you do like versus forcing yourself into something you don’t.You could be an inspiration to someone who notices how you don’t follow suit with the current fashion trends, or who notices how you mold the fashion trend to suit you.Let me know what you guys think the relationship the fashion industry has with the consumer? Is it a dictating one, one made of balance? Let me know in the comment section!