The Style Survey You Need to Participate In

         This week’s Instagram survey is all about the trends celebrities wear and how it affects you as a consumer.The response was varied,but it’s clear that celebrities we favor do at times influence and inspire our wardrobes.What does this celebrity influence have to do with you? Does this mean that celebrities are truly in control on certain fashion trends,and do you trust that alliance?
        Celebrity influence means that which ever fashion designer is willing to go the proper lengths to get celebrity endorsement,will have substantial trend control.Using celebrity status as a promoting tool is also risky.Celebrities are given unrealistic standards,(which helps build their hype and popularity),the public often forgets their human. ISo when celebrities do, bring a mass of the public back to reality by making a mistake it has an affect on their image, and every other brand and person publicly attached to their image.Imagine a celebrity makes a terrible wardrobe malfunction,or voices an unpopular opinion,whatever he or she is wearing gets viewed in a different light as well.
        Celebrity endorsements and influence can seem like a domineering factor but ultimately…what you buy is entirely up to you.Free will is what truly gives consumer opinion value,and helps build diversity in the clothing industry.Imagine Rihanna decides to wear polka dotted neon pants for a week straight,although I am a massive Rihanna fan I will not wear neon polka dot pants,because I’m personally not a fan.Free will always comes out on top when it comes to clothing choices no matter how many influential factors and tactics are involved.A person’s right to individual,personal style is what builds interesting fashion.