Our latest back to school style tips, are from Toronto,Canada! Joanna Haughton is a woman of many talents, from her acting career,photography,producing and being a mom. Haughton chronicles her various projects and personal style on her blog ModaMama. I am pleased to introduce Joanna and share her awesome back to school on a budget style tips!

The Eye: How do you feel about repeating  outfits, is it a do or a don’t?

Joanna Haughton: I do it all the time.  I read this thing about how French women have a limited wardrobe, but they repeat the outfits they look great in.  Now, while I don’t believe that French women have the monopoly of style, I do believe that if something works for you why not re-wear it.  That being said I try to change up a little bit of something to keep it fresh.  Usually mixing up the accessories - adding a scarf, a different necklace, purse, shoes, etc - is enough to keep the feeling of the original outfit but change it up to make it feel new.


The Eye: Do you have any tips on how to remix a look,?

Joanna Haughton: Haha.  See above.  Layers, accessories - that’s what it’s all about really.  Layer something under or over, or change up what you add in terms of jewelery, hats, and accessories. 


The Eye: What would you tell someone who wants to thrift shop, but feels enormously overwhelmed?

Joanna Haughton: Enjoy the process.  Take a day, or an afternoon, just a good chunk of time.  Put on some awesome tunes on your phone, pop in your headphones and settled in for a slow relaxing day of wading through clothes and accessories.  You aren’t going to find something every time, sop just enjoy the process and take it one piece at a time. Also, swap with your friends.  That’s a good way to wade into thrifting.  I do this all the time - organize clothing swaps with friends. 


The Eye: What do you consider a mandatory piece to someone’s closet? 

Joanna Haughton: A great pleather jacket.  A fabulous moto jacket is a great layering piece.  But if you had to ask me lately, kimonos.  I’m a little over the moon for them right now. 


The Eye: Where are the best places to look for discounts and bargains?

Joanna Haughton: Online.  Honestly, I’ve seen so many of the same pieces I see online in local boutiques at over twice the price.  IT’s because physical boutiques have a lot of overhead - rent, sales people, etc.  But online there’s not as much overhead and the discounts there are ridiculous!  I bought a shirt online for $28 that a retail boutique had on for $135. 


The Eye:  Where can we see more of you?

Joanna Haughton: Glad you asked!  Check me out on ModaMama for daily fashion goofiness and sarcasm.  And feel free to check out my Acting Site and Blog for updates on my professional artistic career.  Plus, you know, the usual - Facebook and Twitter.  Oh and I often Instagram from behind the scenes.  On September 16th I’m on set again for a feature film I’m in and producing, so you won’t want to miss that!

  Thank you so much for sharing both your style tips and letting us in on your feature film! Be sure to keep updated with Moda Mama, because she is definitely on the move!

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