Back to School Style Tip #2


         Student discounts in department stores can be hard to find, so what’s the next best thing-the thrift store. I know what you’re thinking, the thrift store sounds like a good idea until you actually get there.You see the thrift store, you see a mass of clothes and suddenly you feel overwhelmed and want to head to the closest, organized department store you can! Stop, don’t go to that department store, at least not yet anyway. Give the thrift store a chance. I promise this guide will share all the right tips,links,videos and looks you can compile from the thrift store.

        I’ve gone thrifting on various occasions which you can see here Thrift Store Adventure #1 and Thrift Store Adventure #2, and had fun both times(vintage earrings for 50 cents is my kind of fun).Although I’ve gone thrifting a few times, I don’t consider myself a veteran in this thrifting life, allow me to introduce you to a few thrist store superheroes Jaque and Inez, both of whom were interviewed on The Eye( Jacque’s Interview, Inez’s Interview)

       Jacque of The Lion Kingdom has a series dedicated to thrifting tips such as, Thrift 101 and How To Speed Thrift . Both articles are chopped full with great tips such as, having a list or plan of action before diving in, don’t ignore certain areas, and the age old tip of grab,grab,grab!

       Inez of Style Chic 360  has done so much with her thrifting finds! I had to share her participation in the Thrift The Runway event in Detroit.The Thrift The Runway Event was a project produced by Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, hosted by the Thrifty Broads. The runway featured nothing but thrifted goods check out the video below


       Do you see why thrift stores are so coveted?! Thrift store shopping can sound scary but I promise it’s very worth it. Here are a few of the things I’ve picked up while out thrift store shopping: 


This chunky, yellow sweater was bought at the thrift store in the men’s section! I bought this sweater for 2 dollars!


                              This romper was thrifted, for exactly a dollar!


                                This tunic was thrifted for about a dollar!

    I have a lot more I could share with you, but I think you get the point.I hope this post motivated you to take a look around the thrift store, it really can benefit your style and your pockets!