What are your goals as a blogger? Recently,it’s been brought to my attention that bloggers(who are interested in going into the blogging business professionally),have blogger goals,it makes a lot of sense.Every professional company has a set of goals to reach by a specific time,it’s how they track progress.Tracking blog progress can be in how long does the average reader spend on your blog(which can be found from Google Analytics),how much of your traffic comes from direct or referral sources and your social media influence.

        By using a set of blog goals you’re not only tracking progress,but it helps keep you motivated and can provoke you to try something new.If you notice your page views have gone down perhaps this is the time to analyze where you’re sharing your content.If you notice a massive improvement then you know you’re headed in the right direction.
      Adding blog goals can be intimidating to most.The core of blogging is to self express one’s interest in a topic and adding specific marketing goals sounds as though it can take the fun out of blogging.When blogging,implementing specific goals have to be a stressful thing.

          From various observations,I acknowledge both bloggers and bloggers get in on the goal method,the fun begins when they get their audience involved.Sharing your goals with your audience,makes readers and viewers feel involved instead of like people you’re simply trying to market something to.Allow your readers to know that this is your goal as a blogger, but even if you don’t reach them, your passion to blog will remain the same and if they want to support, then they will, if they don’t, they don’t have to.
       Wait,what happens if you don’t meet your goal?You keep trying,or you can simply blog with no goals in mind and carry on like previously.Simple.Blog goals are not mandatory rules,just simple outlines you have a choice to follow.Let me know in the comments if you’ll be using blog goals,or go with the flow?

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