Natalie Live of The Tiny Closet is a personal style blogger, you need to know. Live’s blog shares so many tips on how to rework outfits and how to stretch your wardrobe hence the name The Tiny Closet. Natalie’s style is amazing and extremely versatile, so it’s time to indulge in her style tips!


The Eye: How do you feel about repeating outfits, is it a do or a don’t?

Natalie: It’s definitely a DO. How tedious it would be to try to come up with a brand new outfit every day of the year. Oy. And unnecessary! The Tiny Closet is all about reduce, reuse and repeat. Buy clothes that you absolutely love and feel great in and wear them all throughout the year in tons of different ways. If you love the clothes you’re in, why not keep wearing them?


The Eye: Do you have any tips on how to remix a look?

Natalie: Tons of tips :) They’re all on the blog but some quick tips now that I could give is:

  1. Long skirts can be awesome as tube dresses

  2.  Summer rompers look great in the Fall with some thick, opaque tights and booties

  3. Retired Summer dresses make awesome nightgowns

  4. Maxi dresses can make wonderful skirts with a thick belt

  5.  Achieve a new look with your outerwear by layering a blazer over your denim jacket


The Eye: What would you tell someone who wants to thrift shop, but feels enormously overwhelmed?

Natalie: Start out small. Don’t go to Goodwill on your first thrift run. Go to a tiny little vintage boutique and work your way into bigger thrift stores. Try out trading posts or farmers market-type places that offer a wider selection of vintage and thrift. It’s usually all outside and you can move from one stand to the next without getting overwhelmed.


The Eye: What do you consider a mandatory piece to someone’s closet?

Natalie: I don’t consider any piece of clothing mandatory. I am all about what fits you personally. I own countless pairs of harem pants. They are my staple and I consider them mandatory for my closet. I wouldn’t say that for my best friend though who hates harem pants but has a collection of shift dresses and considers them a staple for her closet. Everyone is different, with different lifestyles and preferences - not to mention body types and sizes. I say take the time to find what clothes you love to wear and what makes sense for your life. Ignore the rules and what other people are buying. Do you!


The Eye:Where are the best places to look for discounts and bargains?

Natalie: Hmmm… Ebay is wonderful for bargains. National sales like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, All Saints and Gilt are my favorites as well. And check out your local thrift and vintage boutiques. There’s usually lots of hidden gems.

The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Natalie: You can visit my blog: The Tiny Closet at

And also my social networks:

Twitter: /thetinycloset
Instagram: /thetinycloset

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