Diane is the personal style blogger behind Dee-Vine Anonyme, she is a color loving,hair style chameleon and that alone should peak your interest. I discovered Diane’s blog a while back and can honestly say she has been a constant inspiration to me and my blog. I love how fun and free her looks are so I thought she’d make a perfect fit, for giving back to school style tips!


The Eye: How do you feel about repeating outfits, is it a do or a don’t?

Diane: I do that all the time!! I think it’s a good idea, it allows you to express yourself and be creative. It’s crazy how a simple accessory can totally change the way an outfit look!


The Eye: Do you have any tips on how to remix a look,?

Diane: Some jewelry, a bag, a scarf, well any type of accessory can really make a difference. You can also use different combo, different colors, or another pair of shoes. There are a lot of possibilities!


The Eye: What would you tell someone who wants to thrift shop, but feels enormously overwhelmed?

Diane: To be honest I don’t thrift that often, but when I do I always make sure to take my time. If you want to find the perfect bargain, you have to put the time in it. Just look, and try to have fun!


The Eye: What do you consider a mandatory piece to someone’s closet? 

Diane: Any type of blazer. It adds that chicness to any look.


The Eye: Where are the best places to look for discounts and bargains? 

Diane: I shop a lot online so I’ll say definitely online clothing stores. I sometimes even shop on ebay and you can definitely get great stuff at great prices.


The Eye:  Where can we see more of you?

Diane: I have a fashion blog

You can also find me on Instagram @deevineanonyme


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