A blog layout is the presentation in which your content is being delivered.You maybe thinking “shouldn’t people judge my blog on what I write versus, how the layout is”, or perhaps you’re thinking “how in the world am I supposed to figure out what an audience likes as far as the visual!”Today’s post is all about explaining the importance of blog layout and few tips on how to personalize your piece of the internet!

     First off, as much as we’d like to think that appearances shouldn’t matter and the heart should outshine the physical appeal, that’s not always the case. The presentation can determine if the reader is going to catch the eye of the reader, and lead them to your awesome content.A reader can be thrown off with loud clashing colors,random images that don’t quite go with the theme of your blog and unorganized labels or tabs.

      Don’t get me wrong, using loud colors can be a lot of fun! But when the loud colors, standout background prints and hard to read page front are all competing for attention at once, the only thing not getting attention is your actual written(in this case typed) work.Sometimes picking out blog layouts can be a bit like picking out the right outfit, sometimes you have to give and take a little and really think, “is this how I want to represent myself”. Your blog is a representation of your extended personal brand so ultimately you have to be content with it, just make sure it’s easy to navigate and your color, print and font usage aren’t taking away from articles and posts.Personalizing your page is to be experimented with so have fun picking out colors and playing with fonts in this creative process, but keep in mind what exactly do you want to represent. 

   A great place to start when picking out blog widgets and images is to acknowledge your blog’s topics and message.On my personal blog , I write about both my style,spoken word and a little singing from time to time. In addition to my topics,I have a constant message about being a self expression superhero,how self expression can be a healthy release and the place for creating art.So to tie these elements all together I use a simple white transparent background(I feel like everything looks smoother transparent for some reason) I use a microphone as my image with all of my social media links added to it, and a comic speech bubble as my Bloglovin button to represent my blog at it’s core, and how it’s all about speaking up and expressing oneself. Once you identify some key topics and message you can begin brainstorming on symbols and the best specific format for you. 

      Creating widgets,headers,images and layouts can be very scary. I’ve created some html disasters, I thought I’d never clean up!The key to this is picking one piece of your blog apart at a time, send out a post signifying your blog is under construction and take it a day at a time.Trying to tackle your blog all at once is entirely to overwhelming especially if you’re not best friends with html coding(join the club, I saved you a seat next to me!). 

     Webpages like Picmonkey, Pixlr, Photobucket(yea I said it, Photobucket) and over image hosting websites are great places start. I built my header using Picmonkey, all you have to do is save a blank image, upload it to Picmonkey add whatever you want from overlays(you can upload your own personal overlays) and backgrounds(you can upload your own background too), and when you’re done save it .jpg or .png if you want it transparent or not.

     Also take a look at the most superb weapon in your blog creating arsenal, Image Map Tool.The Image Map Tool will do all the html coding behind your image, all you have to do is assign certain links to different parts of the image. I used the image map tool to replace the standard blogger labels that I’ve had previously to the customized labels, I have now. 

     Ultimately, a blog layout is your creation. Make sure it represents your personal brand well, is easy to navigate and that you’re happy with it. I hope these few tips helped you in your pursuit of creating your perfect personal brand.

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