Tweet, tweet,tweet and I’m not talking about that annoying bird outside your window, that thinks it’s time to do his America’s Got Talent audition, while you try to get that last 5 minutes of sleep.Twitter is in one word  powerful. The social media platform has transformed communication and the world of advertisement.Keeping up with Twitter and using it in the best way for your personal brand and blog can seem intimidating at first but keep in mind, that Twitter was created in the name of fun, and to micro-blog your thoughts and rants in the first place, therefore everybody has to start somewhere.

   The first thing you can do when trying to navigate Twitter and make connections is join the Twitter accounts to blog groups. Blogs similar to yours whether it be based on common genres or location will create entire Twitter accounts built around tweeting and retweeting one another to support those in the group.

     Networks like F.B.L.(@fashbeautylife)  a U.K. based blogger network(it welcomes bloggers from all around the world though),uses their Twitter account to retweet it’s followers and holds weekly Twitter chats with the hashtag #fblchat. F.B.L. has grown immensely in popularity and recently  #fblchat has become a popular trending topic on Twitter, worldwide. Another Twitter account based on a blogger network is FashDet, they use an online personal newspaper that rounds up the most recently tweeted blog posts with the hastag #fashdet and displays it on a web page in a newspaper format. 

    Joining blogger networks via Twitter helps you get your blog posts out to readers and helps you find similar bloggers who you can follow and they may follow you back.As for follower count, let that grow naturally. Purchasing followers gives you the numbers but it doesn’t give you a loyal readership made of people who find your content and actually like it. Besides using Twitter chats,blogger networks and exercising patience, make sure to use that @ button. Mentioning products used in your posts, gets the attention of brands that may find your links, appreciate what you do and want to work with you. 

    Practicing these methods of joining blogger networks,exercising hashtags,mentioning brands and ultimately being patient, can help build those followers,and views on your blog.Twitter is about putting your voice out there and doing little things to make sure it gets by the right people, in the right way.

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