What Is Your Blog Saying?


      Building your blog was so much fun, you picked a really organized layout, your color scheme is cute and it even has a catchy name!What’s next after the design of the blog is through?The content of your blog has to be just as outstanding as it’s layout, even more so. Visuals are important but so are the words, the message,the purpose.Ask yourself a few questions when you begin defining the very heart of your blog such as:

What do I want this blog to say?

What effect do I want this blog to have?

What am I most passionate and comfortable about discussing?

What do I plan on doing with this blog in the future?

      Many fashion bloggers and personal style bloggers never get past the cute layout phase because although their color scheme is bright and fresh and their pictures are crisp and clear, the substance is no where to be found.Many bloggers can’t decide nor figure out what they wanted their blog’s purpose to be.Identify what you want your masterpiece to do.Your blog isn’t directly your image, but the work you put into it is a piece of you, take the time to invest in yourself and reflect on what you want your blog to say for you.

   After identifying what you want your blog to say it’s easier to identify a brand, your audience, who to target your content to, the best way to target your content and what you plan to do once you’ve been established as a blogger. Message is one of thee most important points to a blog. Once a message is found, the blueprint for a successful blog starts to fall into place, but I could be wrong. Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about the message of a blog. Is the message of a blog really that important, do you recognize a blog’s message?