Believe it or not there’s more to Facebook than keeping tabs on your old high school classmates.I use Facebook to join blogger groups like F.B.L.(fashbeautylife) and BLM(Bloggers Like Me). Liking posts and taking a genuine interest in the shared works of the different bloggers has built many more networks than I ever thought I’d develop. 

  Taking a moment to leave a little message to say to your fellow members on the Facebook wall and sharing a post from time to time helps build traffic and helpful feedback. Not only have I used the Facebook groups to interact with my fellow bloggers and share my posts, I also use it to get inspired by the posts of others. 

   Ultimately,Facebook is as useful as you make it. Joining blogger communities via Facebook will only be as beneficial as you make it. Becoming a member doesn’t mean anything if you don’t put yourself out there and put some personality behind the content your sharing. 

    My question is not what Facebook has done for you, but what have you done for Facebook?

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