Hello guys, you may have noticed The Eye’s new October fashion interview segment called,Let Your Style Scream!Letting your style scream is about letting your style loose and free. Dress yourself in a manner that’s unapologetic and original to your liking. We’ve been featuring some personal style bloggers with all different kinds of style but all stay true to the message of maintaining their own unique,original flair.

    Through each interview, individuality is shared and so are a few tips to help you develop your own style and encourage creativity with your closet. Sharing tips and experiences with others are always beneficial to learning about fashion and style, I got inspired by primarily, personal style bloggers, my favorite film characters and Seventeen Magazine(it was one of the first fashion magazines I ever bought and I still read it to this day).Today, I wanted to share a few fashion tips of my own, that set me down the road to developing my own style: 

  1. Inspiration is everywhere, literally everywhere you just need to train your eyes to see it, and it will find you. 

  2. Try different things, getting out of your comfort zone as far as clothing choices fair can be fun!

  3. Be comfortable!

  4. Don’t be afraid of trends, but don’t let them control you either. 

  5. Fashion is fun, so don’t stress yourself out past the point of no return over it. 

  6. Think about how you want to be represented, and ask yourself are you happy with that representation. Everyone will have an opinion about your appearance, but you have to be happy with it and value your opinion the most.

    These are the few tips that I wanted to share with you, share with me in the comment section!

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