Sandee of the fashion blog CurvEnvy is all about loving your shape, and loving style.What drew me to Sandee’s blog was the versatility in her style and her awesome makeup looks in each outfit. Sandee really knows how to build a look from head to toe and that’s what letting your style scream is all about! 


The Eye:  When did you start taking an interest in developing your personal style?

Sandee: I’d have to say a few years after having my daughter. I had taken some time off to be a mom, but returned to the work field when she turned 3. Size wise, I was bigger than before pregnancy and in learning how to dress my new size-what works and doesn’t work; my individual style was born.


The Eye:  What are some tips you’d give someone who’s trying to find their own style?

Sandee: Look to celebrities or even personal friends whose style you love. That way you can hone down on developing your own. You’ll be able to alter their style to your comfort, lifestyle, etc. For instance, perhaps you’re loving Janelle Monae’s androgynous style but don’t like her use of monochrome colors. You can make it work for you by wearing a white button down shirt with a colorful tie and bright colored or even denim pants. In all, allow yourself to be inspired and then in turn, make it work for you.


The Eye: Have you ever been prejudged due to your style choices?

Sandee:  I can honestly say the judgments I’ve received over the years have been more positive than negative. People, more-so women, like the fact that I don’t allow my size to limit my style. The negative judgments have come from people saying that I’m not truly plus size and I’m perpetuating something I’m not. A lot of these thoughts derive from the fact that I shop in a lot of mainstream stores and not necessarily plus size retailers. The reason I can is because I know what to look out for and what will actually fit. Learning to ACCENTUATE the best bodily features and DE-EMPHASIZE the not so great ones is a technique that EVERY woman should know-plus size or not.


The Eye: How do you handle style criticism?

Sandee:  It took me a long time to embrace my curves; I’m not going to lie. However once I did, my confidence grew. I birthed an appreciation for my large bust, in your face hips, my shapely thighs and round butt. With an abundance of trial and error, over-time I was able to educate myself on how to dress my particular body shape. I put myself on display every time I walk out my house and more-so on YouTube and my Blog. Therefore, I’ve grown a really thick skin. I don’t allow negativity to ruin how far I’ve come but I am receptive to criticism if it’s coming from a genuine good place. I’m not perfect in styling myself, sheesh, even celebrity stylists get it all wrong from time to time. What I do know is that I have to be me.


The Eye: What’s the best way to get out of a style rut and back on the road to loving your wardrobe?

Sandee: Purging! Whenever I go through that “I don’t have anything to wear” phase, that pretty much means I have too many clothes and in that, finding it difficult to focus on assembling an outfit. So I end up scheduling a weekend to do a closet overhaul. The benefits of that is 1) you’re able to find items you forgot you owned and can actually add to your regular wardrobe 2) you can throw out (donate or gift a friend) garments you no longer fit or honestly, won’t wear.

Another thing I like to do, is take a quick picture of an outfit I’ve worn so when I get into the ruts, I have reference. I can easily go to my blog, but phone pictures work just as good.


The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Sandee: From my blog:

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