Miranda Banana is the personal style blogger of Lets Get Flashy.I love Miranda’s style from her makeup looks to her fun fashion choices.Miranda’s style definitely is screaming loudly and proudly.Lets get a little advice from Miranda on how she lets her style scream! 


The Eye: When did you start taking an interest in developing your personal style?

Miranda: My parents are both actors, they have a theater company and perform in France so I’ve been around drama art and costumes my hole life. I’d say maybe around the age of 5 ! Not kidding. I wouldn’t go out if I wasn’t wearing the pants I wanted to wear. More specifically at the age of 13 I started getting very interested in fashion and styling my outfits. Choosing my outfits was what made my day happy every morning !


The Eye: What are some tips you’d give someone who’s trying to find their own style?

Miranda: I don’t really like giving tips because I like doing my own thing and I think everybody should do what they want but I guess the basics and being who you want to be ! Don’t feel obligated to follow what’s in style or what you’ve been told to wear, you’re free to do whatever ! That was my motto.


The Eye: Have you ever been prejudged due to your style choices?

Miranda: Every day in high school. That’s why I hated it. It was like a horrible nightmare (on top of being a bad student.) But I guess that’s what happens when someone comes to school one morning wearing a tutu !


The Eye: How do you handle style criticism?

Miranda: I usually accept style criticism but I don’t particularly like it if it’s not well said or if I didn’t ask for it !


The Eye: What’s the best way to get out of a style rut and back on the road to loving your wardrobe?

Miranda: Thrift shopping and pulling out some old pieces you used to wear !


The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Miranda: On Facebook Instagram and look book ! (All the info is on the right side bar of my blog ! 

  Thank you so much Miranda for sharing your style and tips with us.Be sure to check out Miranda on her stellar blog

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