I know a schedule doesn’t sound fun, but it’s probably one of the greatest things for a blogger.Scheduling a specific time slot for creating blog posts, when they are to be published and when your links will be distributed through social media removes a lot of stress. I understand your weariness for trusting the automated scheduling process.Once upon a time I would wake up early to make sure Blogger posted my latest article only to find it was still in my drafts.After a little more in depth tinkering with blogger, I found that my timezone was off which is why my posts were being uploaded at the proper time! Don’t be afraid to double check your scheduling times,your blog posts aren’t the only thing that can be scheduled. 

     Sites like Hootsuite and Futuretweets will tweet on schedule for you at any time. I used to tweet my links twice a day and saw no growing traffic, with automated tweeting websites now my content is being seen at different times, to different people and growing my overall audience.Instead of spending the time tweeting, now I have Hootsuite to do that for me, and I can spend more time on writing and developing new blogger ideas. 

     Have you taken advantage of the automated schedules? Have you seen any difference, good or bad once you’ve developed an automated schedule, I need to know! Let me know of your scheduled experiences in the comments. 

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