Most pirates look for fun and buried treasure chests with gold, rubies and diamonds but you’re looking for something far more elusive. Something unexpected, something edgy and perhaps associated with danger always manages to end up in your jewelry box. Between the snake necklace, scorpion ring and dagger cuff, you’re missing something to ump the anty as far as your accessories. Is it a particular thing, or perhaps it’s a particular color? Looking at your treasure trove, left and right you see bright shiny silver, glowing gold, warm rose gold, and black but something seems to be missing.

Gun Metal Masterpiece

        Gun metal, or perhaps dark grey for others is that in between steely metal that’s just dark enough to make a subtle contrast with your usual silver jewelry and accessories. Gun metal is this overlooked shade but it lays such a hard neutral landscape perfect for building pieces up. Gun metal will lay the framework for an outfit a lot like simple black jewelry real, but because the color is an mix of both black and grey it can still hold some subtle visual interest. 

    Now that you’ve found the treasure, still it to perfection with some contrasting colors or complementary prints and bring personal style to the pirate life.

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