Here is the very first, Chic Short Story today we are explaining how chunky sweaters make a world of a difference, seriously.

       5 minutes until you’re late to class is not a good place to be,but it could be worse you could only have 3 minutes to get to the last time. It’s too cold outside to just leave in Pjs, so what’s the most logical, comfortable piece of clothing you can find in your closet? The chunky sweater. The chunky sweater beaming from the closet, shone like a star in the darkest night. After snatching the treasure, capturing a pair of leggings and packing a pair of earrings in your bag, you’re confident won’t be late to that exam after all.

       It’ s happened to all of us, especially in the colder seasons where it would literally take some heavy artillery to wrench us from bed. Suddenly sleeping in sounds a thousand times more important than your job or pursuing your education. Once you’ve finally fought your way from those seductive sheets, and persuasive pillow now you must get dressed in a hurry, but what do you wear? The chunky sweater is a superhero of the Winter time, it can be worn in 3 different ways, for 3 different occasions and will continue to keep you warm and cozy.

That Chunky Sweater


  1.            For the professional in all of us, I composed this pencil skirt and sweater combination. We all like to add our personal touches even when we’re at work, after all that time of working on that assignment or presentation, having this as a go-to is key. Big sweaters can be associated with sloppiness but adding a pencil skirt gives that professional touch and adds a fitted form, to what would normally be a shapeless combination. You won’t get any looks from your boss in this outfit, it’s simple and yet still plays as the canvas to put as much spin with your accessories as you please.

  2.    The second look is great for heading out to brunch or lunch. The candy colored accessories and pants makes this so fun and feminine, besides a neutral colored sweater won’t clash with the other colors.

  3.       The third look is great for a Friday where you need to get to school in a hurry,but don’t want to look like you got dressed in a hurry, print leggings always add the bit of interest to an outfit(they’re also really comfortable, like seriously I could fall asleep in this outfit combo, I’m sure you could to, but you shouldn’t…). Add some awesome jewelry and maybe a headband, and boom you’re good to go. You can swap the shoes if you decide to go out later with friends with a pair of pumps, of knee high boots which are increasingly growing in popularity right now.

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