It’s the holiday season and time to get festive. Balancing between work and spending time with loved ones can get a bit hectic around this time of year, which is why I’d like to share on how to transition a casual look to holiday friendly.
      Believe it or not—your favorite bodycon skirt actually can make the transition from day to night with a few adjustments. Switching simple pieces to transition from day to night is quite easy. Outline what you plan on doing that day and build around your mission. If you just finished a study date,need to get ready for a big party an hour afterwards, and don’t have time to change your outfit, don’t fret. Wear pieces of your party look and coordinate them with your casual clothing items.


      For example the looks above are centered around one baroque bodycon skirt.The print is monochrome which makes it a great base for splashes of color or adding sparkle. Wear the sweater and skirt combination to brunch or a quick shopping date with your friends, which is why the wedge sneakers are suggested for running about.

     In the second look go swap the sweater for a peplum corset top, with lace detail for a sophisticated and sexy appeal. The almost all black ensemble shines brightly with the brief bits of gold in the shoes, earrings and bag. One thing this look shares are the black nylon tights, you can’t go wrong with these tights, they’re slimming and they’re a massive Winter trend.
    Hopefully these tips and this example has helped you in navigating such a festive time and I know this sounds cheesy but ultimately the best thing you can wear around this time of the year is *drum roll please* a smile.

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