You are needed at the office, but the frozen weather outside was telling you to barricade yourself in bed. Tiptoeing across your icy cold floor, you peered out of your window to find snowmen, snowwomen and little snow children walking about outside. You could hardly tell people apart in those baggy jackets, huddled all the way up to their necks. Was that the abominable snowman going into the local thrift store down the street? I wouldn’t be surprised in this weather.
        Even though the ugly blizzard and angry wind is harassing you to stay in bed, you can’t allow something as simple as cold weather keep you from working. Step one to preparing yourself for a battle with a blizzard is taking the warmest shower possible, then picking out the right outfit and layers of undershirts, and socks.You’re dressed to the nines and prepared to fight, popping on your thick shearling collared black trench coat and faux fur line combat boots. Right before you head out the door you grab your go-to piece for defeating icy weather-the infinity scarf!


      The infinity scarf is a well known go-to when trying to stay warm in weather that resembles the inside of a freezer. I, for one appreciate staying as warm as possible, and this scarf allows that and so much more. This scarf always adds an extra punch to almost every outfit(the added layers are a plus too), which keeps you cozy and fashionable.

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