You’ve been looking for a new light jacket but can’t seem to find anything that stands out to you. You’re not looking for a particular style of jacket, as long as there’s no lace involved you’re content. Lace has been haunting you.
        The dainty fabric is no friend of your‘s, although it was incredibly popular a year or so back. Associating lace with the doilies at your mean great aunt’s house is only natural given the circumstances. Making a 7 year old girl scrub 1000 doilies as a fun activity can really do something to a kid; one being upper body strength, and 2 a hatred for lace. It would take a lot for you to change your perspective of lace, and then you saw it.

          The lace motorcycle jacket was hanging carelessly on the mannequin in all of its glory. It was the perfect light jacket for the Fall! The cream color seemed to illuminate the jacket, but wait you must stand by your principles! Suddenly a flash of the muscle aches you encountered as a little girl come back and you’re ready to run out of the store. The jacket is practically singing your song, so which will it be; a move towards the future with this gorgeous jacket or perhaps a step backwards towards that little girl visiting her great aunt? 

      I always knew you were progressive. Snatch the jacket and make your way home victorious. Now it’s time to coordinate your trophy with your closet, below are a few suggestions!



      The two looks above are as different as night and day, but share a common link. The lace jacket is perfect for cool weather and to add a touch of femininity to any look. This lace is not the same thing you saw at your great aunt’s house anymore!

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