Charmaine of the blog The Voluptuouss Doll, blogs on fashion,style and other subjects The Eye is admittedly obsessed with.Charmaine knows how to make her style known and adapts with different occasions accordingly, with her own personal touches of course. Find out how Charmaine maintains such a screaming style!


The Eye:  When did you start taking an interest in developing your personal style?

Charmaine:  High school was really the time when I became aware of the way that I - and everyone else around me - was dressing. It was also when I gained more exposure to styles that were different than mine. Most of the kids were super preppy and that really translated through their looks so I began exploring that. Also, we had a dress code and our school motto was “keep it classy” and I believe those two things really became the foundation for the way I developed my personal style.



The Eye: What are some tips you’d give someone who’s trying to find their own style?

Charmaine: I think personal style is something that comes with time. It changes and grows with you through life and I don’t necessarily believe that there has to be a specific style set in stone for each individual person. My advice is always to have fun with your style, and make sure that whatever you choose to wear that you’re comfortable and confident. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone that’s clearly uncomfortable in their clothing.


The Eye: Have you ever been prejudged due to your style choices?

Charmaine: I have never been treated unfairly as a consequence of my style choices. I think it’s important to keep in mind that there is a time and place for everything. I’m not a fan of suits, but if I have an interview that’s what I’m going to wear because that’s what is appropriate - with my own little spin of course!


The Eye: How do you handle style criticism?

Charmaine: My mom is definitely my greatest style critic and she’s been my style critic since elementary school. When I receive criticism from friends on looks, I take it into consideration because sometimes it’s hard to look at yourself with an editing eye after you’ve written off a look as perfect in your mind.


The Eye: What’s the best way to get out of a style rut and back on the road to loving your wardrobe?

Charmaine: When I’m in a style rut I like to go online for inspiration. I love sites like Bloomingdales, Piperlime, and J.Crew because they have style lookbooks that serve as wonderful outfit inspiration. I also like to go through my closet and come up with new looks I haven’t tried before.


The Eye: Where can we see more of you?

Charmaine: You can see more of me on Instagram and Twitter @Voluptuoussdoll and on Facebook at

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